Jarocol® Direct Dyes

Jarocol® Direct Dyes


The Jarocol Direct Dyes are suitable for semi-permanent formulations; this makes them ideal for use by consumers who are not ready to commit to a permanent colour.

These hair dyes are typically materials of low molecular weight, which are small enough to infuse into the hair shaft. Subsequent shampooing of the hair after application causes the hair to swell, opening the cuticle and allowing the colour to escape. Colour results therefore typically last 6-8 washes.

Jarocol Direct Dyes are versatile in their use. They can be used for ‘tone on tone’ applications, to subtly enhance the hair’s natural colour, or to blend/cover up to 30% grey. Optimum conditions for use are weak alkaline, however they can be used under weak acidic conditions if the formulation requires it.

These colorants are usually applied without peroxide or ammonia and therefore cannot produce a colour lighter than the hair’s original shade, as the colouring process does not involve any bleaching of the hair’s natural pigment.

Jarocol Direct Dyes are coloured molecules and unlike oxidative dyes, there is no chemical reaction involved in their use. No mixing of separate components is required and as such colour matching, with our help and guidance, is relatively simple.

Jarocol Direct Dyes can also be used in conjunction with Jarocol Basic Dyes and Jarocol Oxidative Dyes to produce a vibrant colour palette and enable formulators to work across a wider range of pH conditions.

At Vivimed, we are constantly expanding our portfolio of Jarocol formulation guides to offer you the opportunity to be first to the market with new shades.