Our Company

Established in 1991 in Hyderabad, India, Vivimed Labs has metamorphosed from a domestic small, entrepreneurial family-operated business to a globally renowned supplier of niche molecules and formulations across Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals and Specialty Chemicals consumers in nearly 50 countries.

Driven by our philosophy of using chemistry as a base to create ingredients which touch human life on a day to day basis, Vivimed Labs delivers world-class products across the various segments we serve.

Vivimed’s presence in Finished Dosage Formulation (FDF) and Retail Branded Formulation manufacturing, caters to the inner health of people. Within the FDF business, it provides contract manufacturing services and the manufacture of branded formulations.

We have established, 4 manufacturing facilities and a R&D center. Our focus on quality and compliance reflects in everything we do – 4 of our manufacturing facilities (2 in Northern India and 2 in Southern India) are for the supply of finished pharmaceutical formulations.

The phenomenal growth scripted by Vivimed Labs is acknowledgments to our vision, strong transnational management team, and strategic investments. Our investments in innovations and differentiated research translate into a value-accretive product pipeline. With our focus on Innovation, Integration and Expansion combined with our unique portfolio of businesses, that reflect elements of sustainability & scalability, we believe our journey of growth has just begun.